A cooperative, welcoming business community

Cass County has excellent highway and rail access Logansport Indiana encouraging business growth Highly trained workforce in Cass County and region Cass County business growth creating opportunities

Local government officials and private-sector leaders in Cass County and Logansport understand the importance of the business community to our area’s continued success. That’s why it comes as no surprise that they take a welcoming, cooperative attitude toward working with new companies.

Government officials play an active role in attracting new companies and encouraging growth of existing employers, so they streamline the process of locating a business here. Current employers recognize that a healthy and growing business community creates new opportunities for them, so they’re eager to work with new neighbors. You’ll discover a variety of highly qualified vendors and other businesses that are ready to help you succeed.

Just as important, the local workforce has always understood the value of hard work, so employers find an abundant and supportive labor market.