Local leaders that really do cooperate

Cass County cooperative leadership Cass County cooperative leadership Companies contribute to Cass County economy Cass County approach infrastructure needs with fast-track mindset

A key reason so many companies choose to do business in Cass County and Logansport is that our area’s government and civic leaders understand the value companies contribute to our local economy. Those contributions come not only from wages and taxes, but from purchases made from other local business, and from support of local organizations and agencies.

That’s why our local government entities and the Cass Logansport Economic Development Organization (CLedo) work hard to ensure that bringing your business to our area is as hassle-free as possible. For example, we will work to streamline the processes involved with permitting, licensing, and title work, and we approach infrastructure needs with a fast-track mindset. All those elements mean that we will get you up and running and let you get down to business – more quickly and more affordably.