Rewarding companies for their investments

Minimized operating costs, overall profitability Cass County rewards companies for their investments Cass County offers incentives and low taxes Cass County Logansport Industrial Park

Like local government leaders in Cass County and Logansport, officials in the State of Indiana appreciate the value that companies bring to our local and state economies. That’s why they’ve worked with us to develop an attractive package of incentives that help employers move forward as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. You’ll find details at the links below (at right, at left).

Generous incentives aren’t the only advantage associated with doing business in Logansport and Cass County. Local and state tax rates are very attractive, land prices are remarkably affordable, and local workers’ compensation rates are also low. Combined, all those factors and more will help you minimize your operating costs and enhance your overall profitability because we understand your bottom-line.