A supportive environment for entrepreneurs

Cass County business growth creating opportunities Logansport resources to fund, start or run a business Cass County takes active role in attracting new companies Logansport provides well-educated graduates

If you’re someone who can transform a vision into a successful business, you’ll find Cass County and Logansport to be a fertile environment for growth. Local residents and the business community respect those who are paving their own way to success, and are eager to support you with the resources you need to fund, start and run a successful business — including the right space.

Our organization offers a toolbox with a variety of items created expressly to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We’ll be happy to sit down with you, discuss your objectives, and suggest ways in which we can help you.

In addition, if your business engages in import or export activities, you’ll be glad to know that Cass County has been designated as a Foreign Trade Zone (through the Greater Indianapolis Foreign Trade Zone #72).