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Cass County hospital provide full medical healthcare Logansport, Cass County - top quality healthcare resources Cass County – connected, comfortable and cooperative Cass County extensive healthcare resources

Just as important as the economic health of a community is actual physical health of the people who live there. Cass County and Logansport have extensive top-quality healthcare resources to ensure the well-being of local families.

Local healthcare is led by Logansport Memorial Hospital, a regional medical center served by more than 80 primary care doctors, surgeons, and specialists. The hospital delivers the full complement of inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic and surgical care. In addition, the hospital operates a walk-in clinic, an occupational health service, and a health management system that helps employers reduce their employee healthcare cost and downtime due to health problems. In fact, if you need an on-site clinic at your place of business, they can make that happen.

Additionally, Logansport Memorial Hospital has a strong commitment to the establishment of a healthy community. Open to the public, the hospital’s walking trails are a great benefit to the area.