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A Place for All Businesses, Big and Small

Businesses considering Logansport will find an appealing mix of available sites and buildings to choose from that are both affordable and well-situated. We also have the infrastructure and transportation assets necessary to support any type of business, which combined with the low taxes and affordable utilities, provide enormous cost advantages for businesses locating here.

In its downtown area, Logansport offers a wide variety of buildings. Restaurants, retail, and service-based businesses enjoy the benefits of a vibrant downtown economy that puts them close to the community they serve.

There is plenty of space available for development, too. In addition to various parcels available throughout the area, the Cass County-Logansport Industrial Park offers certified shovel-ready sites from 10-31acres and can accommodate buildings of up to 300,000 square feet. Located along Highway 29, trucks can leave the park and be on the interstate grade Hoosier Heartland Corridor in five minutes, heading toward I-69 to the east or I-65 to the west.

Whether your business is large or small, you’ll find the space you need in Logansport and Cass County, Indiana. Use our locator tools below to find your perfect place.

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